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Im an Aries woman dating an Aquarius man and he and I dated on andoff for 2 1/2 yrs while staying friends we didn't become close until justrecently.he always gave me the space I needed and I give him his by doing soit made us closer. I let him take the lead andsometimes and other times he lets me take lead depends on the situation at handbut our relationship has never been a violent one.I just recently found out he likes to argue andwin. He talks loveydovey to me now but he hasn't actually said anything about me and him beingofficial aka dating or girlfriend boyfriend. The Ariespride In me Is keeping me from bringing up the question directly to ask him. *mad*I'm an Aries girl met an Aqua boy (2 yrs younger than me) about 2 monthsago & seemed like we were attracted from day 1 that we saw each other.

I learned toconform around him and by doing so I learned a lot about myself. He's also very encouraging and the SEX...might be the best I've ever had. I think he's testing me to see what will piss me offsometimes but I just brush him off as he keeps firing questions. He also asked me to go with the flow& asked me to "WAIT & WATCH"I'm an Aries woman with an Aquarius man and we met like out ofnowhere It was all so random, but I feel like he's the most amazing guy everand he makes me feel like the most amazing girl as well, when we are togetherall we do Is laugh because he just makes me so happy and I respect andunderstand he needs his space, any problems or concerns that arise we discussthem and come up with a solution and I cant see myself getting mad at him he'sjust so amazing and he's so optimistic that It has made me see things In adifferent way, I'm a much happier person thanks to him. To make you a better person :)I am an Aquarius male who was with an Aries female for 3 yrs.he can be a littlecontrolling at times but I find It to be a turn on rather then something thatmakes me mad.were the best of friends and we get along real well. Hi there I am an Aquarius male and I really like this Aries female Ifind her so Interesting I just find my self wanting to be around her all thetime Is Aries really for me because I fill In my heart that she Is I'm an Aries woman head over heels for an Aquarius man. Should I stick aroundafter he breaks up and finally tell him how I truly feel. I am an Aries female and I just ended my 2 1/2year relationship withan Aquarius man.Nw he's gone :'( wonder if he's ever going 2 return! He is the sweetest, most honest, caring, loving man I have ever been with.I miss him but certainly not crying 4 him or thinking of him 4 like the entire cuz v Aries can move on real quick! We're crazy about each other and want to always be with each other.

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We have beentogether for quite some time and feel like we are two halves of the same whole.

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