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Thanks for taking the time to learn about this research and for contributing by taking a test on this site!—Jeff Publications Here are the studies that I've worked on.My role has been primarily on the technical side; I can't claim credit for the research ideas and insights that my collaborators have gleaned from the data.I'm delighted to have provided the data that made the research possible and honored to have been included as a co-author.Maybe a hypothesis like: "As we get older, we become more conscientious (more careful, more thoughtful, more organized)." That's a pretty simple idea, but we don't know if it's true without some data to back it up.

I'm going to break tradition and not list these studies in strict chronological order. Perspectives in Psychological Science (2008) Volumes of research show that people in different geographic regions differ psychologically.Research & Results Out Of, created by Jeff Potter, has run personality tests for over 10 million people since 1997.In addition to giving visitors instant, anonymous, and free results about their personalities, the answers gathered from test-takers have been used in collaborations with personality researchers at universities (scroll down to see paper abstracts). " While we'll never have perfect answers, researchers have developed pretty good insights into the broad answers about human personality.Personality researchers look at how people behave, and more specifically, how you and I behave differently. Like all science, personality psychology relies on both theories and data.Imagine a researcher comes up with a theory to describe our personality.

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Whenever her father was in Tehran, she was taken to visit him, usually once a day. Tāj-al-Salṭana was clearly familiar with these writings, in which it was argued over and over again why women should take care of their own infants and how for the physical and emotional health of their children, as well as for the sake of bringing up modern patriotic citizens, old habits of entrusting infants to wet-nurses and others should be replaced by scientific mothering practices (Najmabadi, 1998).

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